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LED rental display, new fashion in most stage design.
Outdoor rental LED display products of LEDA are easy to install and maintain. With curved design and multiple installation methods which include hanging, stacking, floor and fixed installation, LEDA  rental products can support more application scenarios.
How To Select A Suitable LED Display For Conference Rooms
what factors should we consider when purchasing fine-pitch LED display for conference rooms? As a professional display screen supplier, we are willing to give you some career advice。
Welcome to Visit LEDA at Interbee Japan
Sincerely invites you to visit LEDA at Interbee Japan 2019.
Welcome to Visit LEDA at CIOE
LEDA Invites You to CIOE 2016
Welcome to Visit LEDA at LED China
Sincerely invites you to visit LEDA at LED China 2016. 
LEDA P10 Indoor Fullcolor Installed in Studio Hall of Sweden
LEDA supplied the indoor advertising led display to a studio hall of Sweden, the display is combined with the lighting and music perfectly. The project is P10 indoor fullcolor led display with the size of 8.96m wide x 5.76m, total 51.6sqm. This screen is at the backside of the stage, displaying a colorful and vivid video. 
LEDA P12 LED Display Showing in Greece
P12 outdoor fullcolor advertising led display of LEDA is installed on the entrance of casino in Greece. It is 7.68m wide x 0.96mheight. This project adopts LEDA P12 standard fixed installation led display, it presenting a delicate and nature video performance, the customers are satisfied with the excellent quality. 
LEDA P10 Indoor Fullcolor LED Display Installed in the Church of Italy...
With the development of the advertising industry, both outdoor and indoor led display have become the new favorites in the advertising market, they are also popular used in Church. And recently a P10 indoor fullcolor led display is installed in a Church of Italy, it is 3.84m wide x 2.88m height. 
P20 Outdoor Advertising Display Showing in Activity Center of Switzerl...
The LED Screen of LEDA at activity center of Switzerland went through the acceptance smoothly. As one of the professional fullcolor led display manufacturers, LEDA lights up the led screen on the beautiful Switzerland. 
LEDA P10 Perimeter LED Display Installed in Belgium Basketball Court
Shenzhen LEDA Optoelectronics Co., LTD has many experiences in making stadium perimeter led displays. And recently a P10 indoor perimeter led display installed in basketball stadium of Belgium. 
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